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Pure Beeswax
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100% Natural Beeswax Candles -- Dripless Smokeless Tapers
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(Authentic Beeswax Candles are rarely sold in Retail Stores)   

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WHY Should I Choose Beeswax! 

How do pure beeswax candles differ from other candles?

Our beeswax is made from the nectar of clovers,thistles and other wildflowers native to Michigan. Pure Beeswax burns longer than other waxes due to it's higher melting point.

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Why Beeswax? Made from the Nectar of Flowers!

Beeswax was one of the first ingredients used for making candles; recognized since ancient Roman times---and subsequently by many other civilizations--for its effective aromatic burning properties. (Beeswax burns very slowly and smells deliciously sweet.)


Our Family has been active in Beekeeping & Candlemaking for more than 30 yrs.  More...

All of our candles are polished and crafted by hand!

hugging beeswax pillarsDo you hug your pillars? How does it make them burn longer? What is hugging?



Tips for Burning Pillars and Other Large Candles

All pillars (beeswax or paraffin) need to be carefully monitored during burning. Keep an eye on the circular pool of wax surrounding the flame. If the pool of wax becomes too large or too close to the edge, it may overflow the sides. Extinguish the candle before it overflows. We try different wicks in all of our candles to get the best results, but some candles may not be burned as long as others at one time.



  •  I really enjoyed the beeswax candles. My naturopathic doctor recommends beeswax candles over everything else. Thank you.
  • You make the most wonderful candles. Our family has used them at the dinner table for years.
  • I have asthma and was told beeswax candles are good for the air, since I always have candles burning. Thank you for all the information on your site. 
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We use only beeswax on our farm to produce candles!

Our candles are made from raw, unprocessed wax produced from Michigan Honeybees!. The wax is cleaned by lightly straining it & letting it "settle" in a large tank where the heavier impurities settle to the bottom, this will ensure that the fragrance and quality of the wax will not be damaged by being over-filtered. We guarantee that our candles are handmade products and each one will be unique. 


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