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grapebeehive3aStained Glass Decorations

Available in the Grape Cluster -6x8x.4 - (regular price 23.95 - now $15.00)


and Beehive Skep - 4x5x.4  (regular price 18.95 - now $10.00)






Shortbread Pan Wall Hanging
8 x 8 x 3/4 inch thick - (Reg price $27.00 - discounted to $20.00)








 These are  "Whisper Style" glass apothecary candles that I can not longer get the glass - I only have three left, I will gladly finish them and give you a great discount.


whispers clearance(similar to the large one show on this page - selling for $37.00)
Your price $25,00  


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