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Traditonal Beeswax Lord's Supper Pillar
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Beeswax Candles - Antique Christmas or Religious Pillars

We have 5 Decorative Beeswax Candle Pillars in various RELIGIOUS scenes - Early American and Colonial Style - Vintage candles!

Colonial Style Beeswax Praying Hands Pillar Candle Colonial Style large praying hands   
Small Praying Hands

 Large Praying Hands Candle Pillar


Colonial Style Beeswax Angel Pillar Candle Colonial Style Large Beeswax Lords Supper Pillar Candle Colonial Style Beeswax Bethlehem Pillar Candle  
Colonial Style Beeswax Bayberry Scented
Angel Pillar 
 Large Antique Beeswax
Lord's Supper
 Traditional Beeswax Bayberry Scented
  • Colonial Style Beeswax Bayberry Scented Angel Pillar  - A beautiful 2 7/8 inch wide x 3 inch tall Bayberry scented pillar with a Angel design embossed on the sides.        
  • Time Tested Beeswax Lords Supper Pillar -  A beautiful, large candle (7 3/4 x 3 3/4 inches wide by 5 inches tall) with the Lord`s Supper embossed on one side and Praying Hands embossed on the other.  3.5 lbs of beeswax!  
  • Traditional Bayberry Scented Bethlehem Pillar  A 2 3/8 inch wide x 5 inch tall Bayberry scented pillar with a Bethlehem design embossed on the sides.               
  • Colonial Style Beeswax Small Praying Hands Pillar -  A 7 inch tall Praying Hands candle.  
  • Colonial Style Beeswax Large Praying Hands Pillar - New for 2022 - 2.5 inch wide x 8 inch tall 



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