Beeswax Nativity Figurines

Beeswax Nativity Figurines
Beeswax Nativity FigurinesBeeswax Nativity Figurines
$18.25 each

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Beeswax Candles - Nativity Figurines

We have 3 Groups of Decorative Beeswax Candle Nativity figurines or 1 complete set with all of them.
The figurines have wicks as shown (although few people burn them) - if you would like them made without wicks, just specify "no wicks" in the comment section when checking out.
Beeswax Mary, Joseph & Jesus Figurines Beeswax Nativity Animals Figurines Beeswax 3 Wisemen Figurines
Set A - Beeswax
Mary, Joseph, Jesus
Set C - Beeswax
Nativity Animals
Set B - Beeswax
3 Wisemen
Complete Beeswax nativity figurine set
   Complete Beeswax Nativity Set D - ($65.00)     wt 3lb
The figurines in this hand crafted nativity set vary from 2 inches to 6 inches tall. They are made from pure, natural scent beeswax and do have a wick in all but the baby Jesus figure, although most people will display them rather than burn them. They may also be special ordered without the wicks.

Since they are more decorative than most of our other candles they are individually sprayed with a coating of "candle luster" that will keep most of the natural "beeswax bloom" from growing on them and will keep them looking shiny and new!

  • Set A - Mary, Joseph & Jesus Figurines - ($18.25)
  • Set B - Three Wiseman Figurines - ($19.75)
  • Set C - Shepherd, Angel, Cow, Lamb & Donkey Figurines - ($31.75)
  • Set D - Complete Beeswax Nativity Set - ($65.00)


  • Mary& Joseph Figurines  - ($7.25 each)
  • Baby Jesus & Lamb Figurines - ($4.75 each)
  • Angel & Shepherd Figurines - ($7.75 each)
  • Wiseman Bringing Frankincense, Gold & Myrth Figurines - ($7.75 each)
  • Cow & Donkey Figurines - ($7.75 each)
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