+++ Bulk Honey Shipped USPS Flat Rate - Gallons or 3-5lb Packs

Heavy Duty Gallon (12lb)
Common price: $90.00 Our price: $87.85 each

Select Honey Shipment


Pure Michigan Honey - Bulk Honey Shipped Flat Rate


Purchase Bulk Honey - In 5lb jugs or Gallons
5 lb of pure Michigan bulk honey 1 gallon of pure Michigan bulk honey

1 gallon of pure Michigan bulk honey


These 2 Bulk Packs of honey can be shipped 
anywhere in the USA by using Flat Rate Priority Mail boxes  

1 Gallon Heavy Duty Jug $70.75
+ $17.10 shipping (included in price) = Total $87.85

3 - 5lb Plastic Decorative Jugs @ $40 each  (Special Price) 
+ $17.10 shipping (included in price) = Total $137.10


1 Gallon Round Economical Jug - $68.25
Pickup ONLY from the farm 
Click on this link to order....







2 - Any Size - Any Amount -  or one of our Very Sturdy Gallon Shipping Jugs - use this link and your whole order will be shipped UPS or USPS.

2.5 3 5



3 -  If you want a Heavy Duty  Gallon of honey shipped  to your door (Shipping included in price) - use this page.  This is our Very Sturdy Gallon Shipping Jug - 12lbs -  that we use to ship honey in and it is the cheapest way to ship a single gallon.  Or order a box of Honey with 3 5lbs in it (15lbs)



4 - Gallons of Honey may be Picked up from our farm with this link  We have an economical Gallon container we use a lot - but it cannot be shipped!   This is the same gallon container that we use at our Sales Stand when it is open in the Fall.  (Any order can be picked up at our farm - just select "Local Pickup" when checking out.) 


 Come to our Farm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in September and this Gallon of honey is ON SALE!



A honey frame being loaded into our extractor

A frame of honey is loaded into our extractor.

Click here for more beekeeping, extracting and harvest pictures.

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